Monday, June 17, 2013

Gays are cunts

NSA this, NSA that. You see these 3 letters everywhere. No strings attached. No-one wants anything more than NSA. But why is that? What's wrong with the usual mates, dates, possibly relationship? For starters it's so easy, you go online or load the app and you can pretty much find something that tickles your fancy.

I think there's another reason why guys might follow that path. As a wise man once said (on his grindr profile no less) Gays are cunts. As simple as that. Why go through all the effort of becoming mates with someone that may lead to FWB, or date someone, if you can get what you're looking for without it all? Not saying that a shag is the end game but it's certainly part of it. A physical relationship without having to deal with all the crap that comes from the other stuff.

I've got a couple of experiences that lead me to agree with the gays are cunts slogan. Not that I didn't know some gays were cunts, but I didn't expect it from these guys.

One was a friend. Someone i'd considered a good friend, used to hang out quite a lot. Back in January I had tickets to the Australian Open tennis and asked if he wanted to join me. Midnight the night before he cancels on me, because he couldn't be bothered going. I let it go, but not like I was going to find someone else to join me at the last minute, and trust me I tried. Even people who were just acquaintances rather than friends. But if you get a call Sunday morning saying I have a spare ticket for today, most people already have their weekend planned. Since then i've tried numerous times, suggesting we go out for drinks and I get no response. I don't know what i've done but we've just really grown apart. I attempted to reconnect last week and at least I got a response. I'm leaving the ball in his court. I haven't seen him in 6 months and i'm certainly not holding my breath.

Case #2. I recently started dating someone. It's only been 3 dates so far. First attempt we were trying to organise a day to meet for drinks and I suggested the following Sunday and he said 'we'd play it by ear'. I joked with him if that meant depending on whether he got a better offer. But maybe there was some truth to it. That Sunday didn't work out but we did organise another day. We got along well, he was certainly interested in date 2. Date 2 came and went and at the end he brought up date 3. He suggested either the following Thursday or the weekend as it was a long weekend. Sounded good to me, but Thursday didn't happen so I asked about the weekend and he said he wasn't sure about his weekend plans but we'd play it by ear. Suffice to say it didn't happen that weekend either.

Eventually we got date 3 done - a movie this time. As I dropped him home we talked about #4. That upcoming weekend. He had something on the Saturday and didn't want to have a big day on Sunday so we decided on Friday. A couple days later I messaged him to finalise plans for Friday and said he wasn't sure about Friday and might have to change it to Sunday. Thats where we are now. I enjoy spending time with him and we get along well, but I can't help but feel like i'm consistently being blown off. He either changes the date when we'd planned to meet, or won't confirm anything until close to it as it depends on his other plans even though he was the one who had suggested it in the first place.

I certainly don't think I need to be the #1 priority in his life, but it's almost like i'm his backup plan, and if something else comes up he'll reschedule on me. Am I being too sensitive? Am I being a dick? Or are gays cunts? Surely it's not just me. Or is it?


Anonymous said...

Jay, gays are cunts...i've had much worse than what you've unveiled. Good luck finding a decent gay guy!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I've been through much worse than that mate. I've had 7 abusive gay men in my life, one after the other. It's been so bad I've left gay life forever! So, yep I couldn't agree more with you.

Anonymous said...

By social law, gays are should always be single because there really is "someone better" just around the corner or in more favorable terms: with the tap of an app on your iPhone (Andriod phones are frowned upon by the gays)!

There will always be someone younger, prettier, richer, more well-endowed, and more available.

Gays who "settle" and are in a relationship are desperate because they know eventually they will not be appealing to the general mass of gays for much longer, so they grab what they can.

As a general rule, if you're over 30 and not in exquisite shape and/or are not flush with cash, gays don't want anything to do with you.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

you are so right...gays are cunts. for me, after 13 years of gay abuse its time to leave that shitty lifestyle. you should too. remember being gay is the worst thing you could ever be. there's no such thing as a good gay such thing...know it.

Anonymous said...

Hi friend

I like your blog

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Anonymous said...

Hi. I agree. Gay men can never be trusted. I have never met one that be one on one relationship. Even when they get older, they still look to have sex with other men, boosting their ego . What they don't understand is, THE GRASS AINT GREENER. I am gay, I'm still in love with my ex. But hes a player. I ve tried to be a friend , but its soul destroying. I really think the only way to survive is forget ever wanting a relationship. Make new straight friends, .

Anonymous said...

My last 'boyfriend' (bwahahaha) dumped me after 3mths for not replying to a text within 2hrs (bwahahaha...i was working!!!). 99.9% of the world's population would have just thought "oh, he's busy, he'll get back when he can" but noooo not him, so he dumps me, go straight for the jugular. Anyway, stupidly I get back with him. Then, he dumps me Xmas Eve without warning by changing his phone number. Don't even know why that happened (2 days after I treated him for his b'day). The coward couldn't even dump me by text!!! Well, stupid me got back together with him when he told me he had an Apprehended Violence Order from his previous partner and then he started lying about lots of stuff and then wouldn't show up when he said he would and would be uncontactable, then he stole clothes and then he locked me out of my own house and so on and so forth. Believe it or not that was one of my better gay relationships!!! Bwahahaha...yep gays are cunts alright. My best advice is don't have a relationship with a gay will be worse off each and every time. Have sex with them but keep your close bonds with straight ppl.

Anonymous said...

I've found out the secret!!! The grass is always greener cuz gays make crap partners. There, solved.

Anonymous said...

Ah, fret no more dear friend. After 15 years trying to live as a gay man I know what gays and gay life is all about. As a gay man with a disability I've seen the worst. But that's ok...I've been given a cause for which I will not flinch. Good luck!