Monday, February 14, 2011

Well hello there stranger!

I cannot believe it has been 2 nearly 3 months since I last posted. It hasn't been so much a planned hiatus, i've just been extremely busy, with summer holidays and work and blogging just keeps on being pushed back. Today is Valentines Day, the day where people shower with their significant other with flowers and gifts (if you're lucky). Or if you're single you get nothing, but you have to read through all the bloody facebook posts of your friends who got stuff - yeah you with the huge box of maltesers, i'm talking to you.

Today is also National Condom Day. So just a reminder to all of you, play, but play safely. And get tested regularly because you can never be too careful. I'm sure you're expecting me to regale you with a story of how I hooked up with some random guy, and then found a bottle of pills at his place and thinking he had something and consulting Dr Google and getting all worried and getting tested and finding out I did have something minor that needed to get treated and needed some antibiotics but i was out of town for work and to find a doctor or clinic that could see me and prescribe something was hell on earth. But I won't.

So happy valentines day :)


A Lewis said...

Three months? And your excuse is that you've been "busy"? And then you post a picture of a condom? Oh boy. This is some Valentine's Day. Happy Days......

Billy the Squid from Long Island, NY said...

3 months.. welcome back.. I'm sure you've heard this before but do you keep Kosher and not date the uncut? Just askin'.. Tolerance is all the rage in NY, we have to be, otherwise we'd all be dead. Here in the states today though? It's still Valentine's day and we're all enjoying so please take a peek from down under.. get lighthearted and realize that EVERYONE needs love and the kind taught at the ACADEMY OF ORAL SKILLS by headmistress Ms. Besame Mucho for people who go ALL ways, gay and straight as she runs her school for the orally challenged, where both men and women are put through basic training rigorous drills like doing pushups with just their tongues. It's a scream and over the top comedy as well as fantasy land starring Lauren Francesca, Walter Masterson and others in Lauren's YouTube Channel Launch today, BETTER than chocolate, eye candy for ALL, face it, a tongue lovers guide to how to give great tongue lashings and no one goes without their candy today. Peace and hugs and fishes from Long Island, we're all brothers and sisters in our love of the strongest muscle in the body.. Peace and hugs and fishes from Long Island, fishing capital of the other side of the world, I LOVE Sydney by the way, used to stay a block off King's Cross on business back in the day.. Love your country, sir..