Thursday, December 24, 2009

Being Gay In The Orthodox World

I know a post about part 2 of my coming out is due, but this is news and thought it should be blogged about. I'm sure lots people who read this blog either attended the event at Yeshiva University, or have already read about it. But this is for everyone else. Kol hakavod to the panelists, it really took alot of guts to get up there and say what you did.

Being Gay In The Orthodox World: A Conversation with Members of the YU Community, was hosted by the YU Tolerance Club and Wurzweiler School of Social Work. Of course I wasn't in New York but had I been, I would've liked to have been there. I'm not really going to talk much about it. I just thought I'd put this out there, and see what everyone else thinks.

Here's a link to the transcript found on another blog The Curious Jew.

Alot can be lost in a written transcript, so here are some links to videos taken of the event - click here.

Finally here are some links to the media attention it received.

The Jerusalem Post

The Jewish Star

The YU Commentator

Now it's all out there, this is only the beginning, i can assure you. I'd love to know what my readers think of the whole thing.



Anonymous said...

This reader thinks yours is an eloquent case in point.

You have slipped, slided away. You declare yourself no longer Orthodox. That decision evolved gradually, over time.

If the world assumes everyone at YU who comes out as gay will follow your lead, och und vey, the goyish way.

Jeanne said...

I read Chana's Blog and all of the 100 comments! (OY)
The comments were almost as fascinating as the presentation of the event. One comment in particular struck me: That some commentators were acting like Christians...very thought provoking that.
I can tell you, I was thinking of you while I read it.
Later on I'll check out the other links.
What I thought of the event?
About time!
See, bubbelah, people are talking.

Anonymous said...

Brim over I assent to but I contemplate the post should acquire more info then it has.