Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Problems, problems everywhere

Um hey,

I don't know why exactly i'm writing this but i needed to say something to someone, yet i'm embarrassed to tell people i know, so i thought i'd post here, it still feels a bit anonymous, lol.

Alot has been going on in my life, and i've been really stressed out. Both myself and people around me have had problems. Legal problems, financial problems, and other problems, lots more than i can possibly deal with. So i don't deal with it. I bottle it all up until one day i might just explode. So i needed to get it out there. It fucking kills me, that i can't do anything about it, or help anyone. One slight problem that had been dragging on for ages that had affected me personally is over, thank god. So thats a bit less stress to worry about. And to those people who knew about it and contacted me, thanks for your concern. But there are still major issues going on right now, that affects everyone around me, and there's nothing i can do :( I stress out very easily, and i'm glad to know there are people out there that can support me.

I must say though these issues have nothing to do with me being gay. That's just another issue that adds to my stress levels and increases my blood pressure. And it's also something i can't deal with right now.

Have a good night,


Anonymous said...

Talking to people you trust can help .. Keeping it bottled inside will not help you or the way you deal with the people around you.

Anonymous said...

You need release. For me it was lifting weights that saved me. Really, it changed my life.

Jay said...

Thanks anonymi :) I've taken both of your advice.