Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sydney. The highs and not so highs

Well I'm back from Sydney. Got so much to write about, I hope I have enough time before I go away again in a few days ;)

Well almost 2 months later here I am continuing this post. I think I'll keep it about the highs, and possibly make another post about the lows. I arrived at night, and had a friend pick me up from the airport. The next day it was time to start working on my tan. Well maybe not quite but I definitely wanted to hit the beach. Bondi Beach was certainly the place to be. It was a nice day, i was enjoying the sun, on the sand in front of Bondi pavillion.

I texted a friend i'd met on facebook and had planned to meet while I was in town and told him where I was. His response was that he was finishing up yoga and would be down soon to walk me over to the part of the beach where I should be, lol.

Not long after he made and gave me the rundown. Down the south end is where the wogs are (yeah I know thats racist and politically incorrect, but who gives a crap. Google it if you don't know what it means), in the middle is where the families are, and at the north end are the gays, the Jews and the South Africans. Well damn if I wasn't going to head to where all the poofs are! lol. I spent about 7 or 8 hours at the beach that day. It was a beautiful day, some of his friends joined us later on (visiting from south africa of course, lol) as did a friend of mine.

One thing that happened that day was I got totally burnt. Sunburnt that is. The aussie sun is bloody strong! And the cream I had was shithouse. Not that it stopped me going to the beach the next day or the day after or most days I was there of course. I just made sure to get some decent sunscreen, and some sunburn cream, and to be honest i've still got some good colour even though it's been 2 months. Nice! :)

Other than beaching it most days (except when the weather sucked on a day or 2) I hung out with my friend who still had the week off work. We went out to eat at his fave places. Lunch at Potts Point, breakfast at Taylor Square, it was great to have someone to hang out with. I had come to Sydney planning to meet up with Mr Sydney who I've blogged about before, but that didn't quite happen. I was there for 8 days, we made plans a few times but he cancelled on me each time, more on that in my next post though. This post is about the good times.

I also hung out on Oxford St and in Darlinghurst, which I guess one would say is gay central in Sydney. I met my friend for some drinks at the Stonewall, which had 3 levels, and we drank on all 3 levels, lol. He met some friends of his there and once it was late we headed back to his place. He didn't want to shag, he wanted to talk. Well thats what he said anyway ;) I'm leaving it at that, haha.

Ah what else did I get up to? On Sunday I went out to Darlinghurst, to the Green Park Hotel. Their beer garden was packed with hot gay guys, as was the rest of the place, after a drink I headed to the Columbian for another and then to Stonewall for another. All while waiting for Arq to get pumping. And pump it did. 2 floors packed, lots of hot boys, good music, the usual drag shows, and i did what I do best. Drink, dance and pash ;) Met a bunch of people, it was a laaaate night. I left there at about 6am and cabbed it home.

I also met up with a fellow blogger while I was there, Brenton from Aussielicious. We had a drink at the Columbian, and then out for Thai food. It fun and good to get to know him, i've been following his blog for a while. He suggested maybe we'd go for a swim later (read skinnydip) but he had to have an early night, or so he said.

The next day it was more of the same. Beach, friends, out for dinner - Thai again but this time at Taylor Square, then a drink at the Beresford Hotel. They had a cool beer garden, I guess that would be a good description. It was a nice evening but eventually it was time to go. The next day was more of the same. A day at the beach (lunch at a nice cafe nearby), then I finished packing my bags and went out to eat before my flight home. Only this time it was a kosher place, lol. I got to the airport just before a huge storm hit which ended up delaying the flight. All in all it was a great trip :

Finally i've finished it! I hope to keep on blogging more often in future, though now that I'm working there's less to write about.

A bit late, but better than never

While posting about my visit to Sydney I realised I'd missed writing about something else! That'll teach me to not blog for a while. So i'm posting this before the Sydney post. I met up with a friend of mine that lives in London. He's a special friend, he was the first guy I came out to. He was the person that encouraged me to start this blog. He was a guy who flew to NY to visit me back in early 2008 to meet me :) Anyway he's from Melbourne originally and was visiting Melbourne for a few days for Christmas (yeah a really quick trip, like 4 or 5 days). Only snow storms hit Europe, he missed his connections and got stuck in Finland and then in Hong Kong. He made it here eventually but all his plans were out of whack. Would we still have time to hang out? Well he was out one night at a bar called FOG for a friend's birthday and told me to head down.

So I did :) It was really great to see him and I met a bunch of his friends, and made some new ones myself. Had a few drinks, and after a few hours it was time for all of us to head off. Maybe i'll meet my new mates for a drink sometime...

Anyway time to end this and continue my next post.