Thursday, July 1, 2010


You may remember a person I blogged about last year. Someone that discovered who I was yet refused to tell me his identity.I guess that's what happens when you assume things about someone. He was just some random jewish guy who'd found my blog and we chatted a bit. I told him some things about me that would probably mean nothing to most people. I assumed he was American (well it probably has the most english speaking jews in the world). But as it turned out he wasn't. He actually lived near my home back in Australia. So i told him a few things that would mean nothing to most people. Only with a bit of investigating he was able to solve it.

Fast forward a few months and i'm back home. And what do you know, 2 can play at that game. Well i figured out who he was, so we're on a level playing field, lol. But i was over the whole thing, well not over it, but over being pissed off about it. I started bumping into him in shule every now and them. Eventually it was time to actually meet up. He picked a place, a cafe that was pretty outta the way (outta the way in that it wasn't in jewcentral), where we met one Sunday morning for coffee. We just sat and talked, about anything and everything. Before you knew about 3 hours had passed. This weekend is gonna be part 2. He wants to write a post in my blog. Lets see what he comes up with.

P.S. next post is about my trip to sydney, you don't wanna miss this!

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Anonymous said...

Finally, my 15 minutes of fame!
Thanks Jay!