Sunday, April 18, 2010

Life update #2

My last post was filled with a bunch of things that had been going on in my life over the past few months. I decided to break it up into 2 posts because I knew i'd never get it finished if i didn't so here we go with part 2.

Passover has come and gone, and I was generally a good boy, no leavened bread for me. Of course that doesn't mean I was offline, so i got a bunch of number of guys that wanted to hang out, but of course I couldn't do it. No I cannot go out and have a drink, but some people just don't understand. Some thought I was just fobbing them off. Oh well, not much I can do.

A crazy thing did happen though. Of course you would remember the crazy chick. You know, the random chick that rocked up to my going away party in a gay bar in New York thanks to my stalker who made a facebook event at the same time and place as my party. I will call her Crazy Bitch because I couldn't be stuffed coming up with a name for her. So Crazy Bitch, as in first name crazy, last name bitch. So I was at a friends place, and another friend of his was there too. Part of the conversation began like this: "How about we set up Crazy with X? X invited me over for a meal, maybe i'll bring her with." Of course I butt in "Which Crazy?" "Crazy Bitch" "As in THE Crazy Bitch that rocked up to my going away party in New York?" "That's the one." Well my friend knew the story, but his friend didn't. So i gave him a brief rundown about my stalker and Crazy Bitch. Of course i left off the bit that it was a gay bar.

So Crazy Bitch is in town, but that's not the end of it. That night I went to the supermarket, not the one i usually go to, a different one this time. And of course who is there? Crazy Bitch. Crap. I avoided eye contact, did my shopping and left. Would she recognise me from New York? Who knows. Of course, thats not the end of it either. Later that night I got a message from Crazy Bitch on facebook. To my real account. She introduced herself and asked if I wanted to hang out because she was visiting. Do i reply? And if yes, what do i reply with? I let it go for a few days. I wanted to reply with something bitchy. Maybe something along the lines "I know who you are, i've met you before. I didn't want to hang out with you then and I still don't. Instead I just left it pretty tame. Primarily because I'm not really such an asshole.

But onto better things. I was at the gym last week, cute guy in the changing room, lol. He got on my train on the way home. I transferred and just made it onto the train i needed to get home before the doors closed. I sat down, forgetting about cute guy and began to read the newspaper. One stop before mine who do I see but cute guy from the gym. Sitting on the other side of the train, a few rows from me. He'd been there the whole time and I'd been to busy to notice he was there. And now he was getting off. Could've been another Mr Subway perhaps? ;)

Of course back to the serious stuff, I'm quite happy the way things are going in my life right now. Work is fine, home life is fine, i'm not interested in shaking anything up because I like the status quo. Too bad not everyone feels that way. My mother came to me sometime during passover. She wanted to know if I had given any thought to seeing someone and seeing if I could change. Didn't I want to have a regular family? Didn't I want kids? I told her there were other ways to have kids. Her response was a classic. "You are not going to have a child with 2 fathers, it's wrong." Oh well, I thought she'd gotten past all that.

As I mentioned I started going back to the gym, and got a few personal training sessions to start off with. The first one absolutely killed me. They say that you can really feel it a couple days after and I bloody hell could. I was in pain, my legs weren't as bad as my arms. They absolutely killed! I had to keep them at almost a 90 degree angle because it was too much pain to straighten them. I had plans for that Thursday night, and the Saturday night and the Sunday too but I cancelled them all. I just couldn't do anything that didn't involve my arms.

I met up with a friend after work this week for a few drinks. We found this random looking place, it looked like a garage or warehouse of some sort, but the front of it was some kind of restaurant or bar so we popped in. We found the bar, and it had a few fridges full of Asahi. Thats it. So we got 2 and I asked how much. "Oh it's free". Well this was going to be fun. It turned out to be some kind of Japanese modern art installation and was sponsored by Asahi. Free drinks and nibbles all night. I guess that makes me cultured :) It was a fun night!

And lastly i'm going interstate for work for a week. So as you do I changed my location on my manhunt and gaydar profile because it'd be nice to find someone to hang out with when i'm there. Well i got inundated with messages and chat requests and everything. Crazy stuff! One funny coincidence was that I got chatting to a guy from Sydney last week, seems like a really fun guy to chill with. Of course the only problem being that he's in Sydney, though he did mention he'd be in Brisbane for a few days for work this coming week. A couple days later i found out so will I! It looks like it'll be a fun week :) Which reminds me, i still have a post from my last trip there saved in drafts. I'd love to compare the two trips when i get back!



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Been busy myself and not checking blogs. Been fun to catch up on our adventures. Glad to hear things are going well.


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